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Dr Who Theme ( not strictly a Genos demo) but i used some Genos adapted styles

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Hi Folks I would never usually put an Sx900 video on here but I actually used a few style pinches from the Genos to create this piece so thought you folks on here would like to hear what I am up to with the SX900....I truly love this keyboard and although i said i would not be upgrading to a Genos am starting to think I may have to purely for the polyphony which I am struggling with for many of my Classical pieces which also include drums and forgive me just this one....hope you also enjoy the video effects. I've only been at the video editing side for just 5 weeks now as just used to film myself playing but more and more requested higher quality video's and sound...   anyone guess what styles I pinched from the Genos!!!


Not sure how familiar people outside UK would be with Dr Who, but its a terrific version of the theme. Worth listening to whether you know Dr Who or not because it really explores the synth like voices of the SX, and of course it is perfectly played.

Del B:
Excellent arraangement and well played David

Fantastic playing and arrangement.

Also have that super sx900 which can really deliver .

Would be interested in those pinched styles.

Thanks so much



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