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Glitch with PSR-SX900
« on: April 09, 2021, 11:33:57 AM »
Hi everyone

I recently (August 2020) upgraded from a PSR-S900 keyboard and treated myself to a PSR-SX900.
I am very happy with it, but have discovered an annoying glitch with its operation.

On first switching the instrument on, the whole keyboard is playable with the default piano voice.

On activating the style accompaniment section (ACMP, Auto FILL IN, OTS LINK), I selected “BigBand Shuffle”, and the first OTS (a Jazz saxophone) is muted and almost inaudible. The other three OTS seem unaffected.

If this occurs, I simply select a different style, then choose BigBand Shuffle and this clears the fault.

I have been in touch with Yamaha Customer Service and they replicated the fault using their own keyboard (which had the older V1.04 firmware - mine has V1.05).

I was told that their technical department will look into it, regards updates to the firmware.  I would be grateful if any other PSR-SX users had experienced a similar problem.

Thank you