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Audio file will not play back in PSR-e463


I cannot get my recorded audio file to play back in PSR-e463-there is no sound. However, when I transfer the audio file to my iMac it does play in my iTune application. Thanks for your help.

e463 can only play back .wav files; is it a wav or an mp3 file?


Indeed only WAV files and only format 44.1kHz, 16 bit stereo. Do you see the file when you press the audio button? You then need to press Play. Also check that the song volume is not too low.


The file is wav which I created recorded using my Yamaha PSR-e463 keyboard. I'm trying to get it to play back on the same instrument. Thank you for your reply~

ok, that *is* odd!

So you're creating the wav file by holding down the "Audio" button and then hitting "Rec" to record it; when you put the usb back in, and you press "Audio" again, "PLY" shows up on screen for play, correct? Then when you press style start/stop, nothing sounds?


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