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Create custom guitar strum pattern?

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Is it possible to create your own patterns for guitar strumming from scratch?
Seems I always need something other than what's already programmed.

Of course it can.
This is what it would look like in Guitar mod. (eng title)

If you want to be completely precise, I suggest using some DAW in combination with the keyboard.

Fantastic, thanks!
Just what I was looking for.
What I need right now is a pretty simple strum pattern in 6/8 that also has a bit of plucked notes mixed in. Do you think it would be much easier to do it in Stylemaker or in the Genos?

Maybe it would be easier to find the strumming pattern and record the needed picking guitar notes in the PHR1 spot of the style. If you try this option remember that you can not use the MEGA voices to record. You will need to find a compatible guitar voice that is not a MEGA voice to record the picking notes. I just did something very similar in the most recent song that I posted, "Folsom Prison Blues".


--- Quote from: DrakeM on March 22, 2021, 12:17:02 PM ---If you try this option remember that you can not use the MEGA voices to record.

--- End quote ---

I disagree slightly, Drake.

The thing about mega voices is that they produce different sound effects at different velocities, so they are almost impossible to play live. But if you're recording a style phrase, then that's the ideal opportunity to go into the step editor afterwards and adjust the velocities so that you drop a few of these effects into the part.

I'm not saying this is really quick n easy to do, but it's a repeating style phrase so it's not like you need to edit a whole song's worth of notes.


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