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I only recognize some of the titles given in my owners manual (Page 84, Music Database List) and understand Yamaha has to be "vague" to avoid copyright and royalty issues, but wonder if somebody in the community hasn't come up with clearer info regarding the songs and maybe even a source for the melody and chords in order to be able to play along? Pretty Woman I figured out, but Tonight left many options, for example, but don't think it is the one from West Side Story.

I did see a list some time ago , searching over internet... can't find it now (and i didn't bookmarked neiter) ... so +1 with the question


Which model do you precisely own? There are many keyboards in the PSR series.



You might find some of the real song names for the E373 in the following thread on another forum:

It is a list for the E353 but excepted for very modern tunes, the music database doesn’t change much over time in a given keyboard series, e.g. PSR E.

Maybe some folks here will want to add something on the list?

You can also do a research on our forum, this topic is a recurrent one.



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