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Hello, everyone.

I think almost of you in this forum know my YoutTube channel ( with my videos and know about the custom styles I've created so far, including some video tutorials of how to create styles.

I'm very proud to announce a partnership with, which is an on-line style shop. Now, you can buy my custom styles and many amazing others for your Yamaha Genos at:

During this month (March 2021), everyone is welcome with a 15% off coupon - just use the discount coupon WELCOME in the cart page to get 15% off in all styles.

Please, if you can, share the new site and the discount coupon WELCOME for all your musician friends - thank you very much.

And for sure, I'll remain right here to contribuite to this amazing forum.

Thank you so much and wish me good luck!
Comments are always welcome to keep improving...

Pedro Eleuterio

Toril S:
Oh, congratulations and good luck Pedro!

Good luck with that entrepreneurship pedro!

Just a note. The 15% only takes 15% off the first style in your cart. If you have multiple styles in your cart, you do not get 15% off the entire order.

Thank you all for your replying.

Kharri, I just talked to Styles4K and the coupon is now working on all styles of the cart - and you can use it multiple times until march 31th.

Thank you for your comments.

Pedro Eleuterio


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