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Volume control instability
« on: February 20, 2021, 08:36:01 PM »
Issue: static and volume instability.

I decided to purchase a pair of new PreSonus, ErisE8, powered studio monitors for my Tyros 5. I wired the monitors directly to the keyboard R & L outputs using balanced cables with XLR plugs at the monitor ends and balanced 1/4" plugs at the keyboard. At the time I did not realize that the Tyros 5 keyboard 1/4" outputs are NOT balanced. As soon as I started playing the above "issues" appeared. The volume of the keyboard will go up and down at random, the channels emit static at random, and the sound images become distorted at any listening level above 1/2.

As an experiment I wired the monitors to the keyboard using unbalanced cable with standard 1/4" stereo plugs on both ends and the issues have seemed to disappear.

Has anyone else had this happen when connecting monitors with balanced cables? I can understand getting some static...or distortion...but what about the volume going up and down on it's own? Can anyone possibly explain that?

Some research I did indicates that I will need to install a passive DI box if I want to convert the unbalanced signals at the keyboard to balanced signals to the monitors. This will be necessary if I want to use my subwoofer which only has balanced xlr in and out ports for use with powered monitors. Is this what others have done to get around the Tyros 5 not having balanced plugs for signal output?

Thanks all for any information to help me further understand this balanced/unbalanced mystery.