Author Topic: Can we expect Piano Room and other DGX-670 features on SX900/700/Genos?  (Read 1123 times)

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Hey, everyone!

I'm quite impressed with all the new features from the new DGX-670 keyboard which costs half the price of my SX900 and there's a lot to envy - The Unison & Accent feature, Smart Chord, Piano Room with a CFX Concert Grand piano sample! I'd quite fancy seeing Yamaha sending the new stuff to the SX900/700 (or even the Genos?) via a major feature firmware update as they did with the Genos with the Chord Looper function, etc. I understand that from a business standpoint, it makes more sense for Yamaha to keep these features for the next generation of SX arrangers but by any chance do you see this "feature update" ever happening?

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Re: Can we expect Piano Room and other DGX-670 features on SX900/700/Genos?
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Historically, Yamaha have always made a distinction between Clavinova/DGX products and PSR keyboards, even though the overall specifications may be similar.

So you don't get things like Piano Room and the highest quality piano samples on those keyboards and you don't get things like Multipads on the Clavinovas. So anything that's more piano oriented is unlikely to find its way onto the PSR-SX models.

The subject has no doubt been discussed here and elsewhere and I know it's been brought up at meetings with Yamaha, as I've been one of the people who have brought it up! But that's the way it's been for at least 20 years.
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