Author Topic: How to correct a wrong chord timing? XG Works did that.  (Read 1408 times)

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How to correct a wrong chord timing? XG Works did that.
« on: January 31, 2021, 03:51:58 PM »
Hello, I am looking for a way to put chords straight in line AFTER recording. I used to do that years ago in XGWorks. After loading a midifile in XGW you could see all chords in the style block and you could also see if the timing of a chord was even a little bit too early or too late. When recording a midifile (psr sx900 but all Yamaha’s before) it happens that there are ‘ghost notes’ when my timing of playing a new chord is not 100% ok. For example the good old Guitar Serenade style is difficult to record exactly in time in Main A and Main B.

Step recording chords is a way but not a favorite one.. Quantising notes it not the solution for this.

I still have XGW and can see the chords and their timing in the style block and still can put them straight in time, so exactly on the beat, but after saving as midifile to usb and playing in the psr, those gost notes are still there. Does someone maybe use this option in XGW? I would love to see/remember how this option in XGW worked.

Or, in general, how do you correct the timing of the chords to avoid these ghost notes? It would be great if the internal sequencer had the option to correct the timing of the chords..

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