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It seems that a good part of the specs of the DGX electronic piano series carries over to the PSE-E400 series.  With the DGX-660, the style engine (with 2 variations), the sequencer (6 tracks), and the registration bank (8 banks of 4 buttons) are very similar to the PSR-E463.  With the DGX-670 now having styles with 4 variations and a 16 track sequencer, I wonder how much of this will carry over to the E473?  As for the registrations, the specs on the DGX-670 on Yamaha's website only state that there are 4 buttons -- it does not currently state how many banks are available.

If much of this transfers over, along with at least some of the more advanced sounds and digital effects, the E473 may very well be a significant step forward.  Hopefully, now that we're into the new year, maybe we'll start seeing some information on the E473 soon!

Hi Bob,

Nope.  :'(

The DGX670 is essentially a 88 graded-hammer keys PSR SX600 with higher-end piano voices derived from the cheaper Clavinovaís.

What the PSR E473 will have is the SuperArticulation Lite! voices from the E373, probably more than its little sibbling. Itíll have a couple of new styles and most certainly, of DJ patterns. Itíll probably have the same white screen as the E373 as well. The sampling system might be improved. It might get more reg banks (but I doubt it because the E373 didnít, which is disappointing with all its new features - more reg banks would have been handy).

Beyond that, there wonít be much more, because otherwise the E473 would overlap too strongly with the PSR SX600, which would be very bad for marketing and sale figures.

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I'm not sure I agree that the DGX-670 is that much closer to the PSR-SX600.  Consider the following...

Number of voices:

DGX-670: 630
SX600: 1373 (That might be an error on Yamaha's website, depending on if the XG voices were counted twice, but even if that is the case, then the total voice count is still likely 893)

Number of styles:
DGX-670: 263
SX600: 415

Registration buttons:
DGX-670: 4
SX600: 8

DGX-670: None
SX600: Yes, 188 banks of 4

It is with the 16 track sequencer and more extensive reverb/chorus/DSP support that the DGX-670 more closely matches the SX600, but with the features listed above, you can see that the DGX-670 is closer in capability to the PSR-E463 than the SX670 (E463 has 758 voices, 235 styles, 4 registration buttons, and no multi-pads).  And going back to the DGX-660, it is even more so the case, with the 6-track sequencer (albeit with greater memory capacity) and 2-variation styles.

I'm not saying that the DGX's are just 88-key versions of the E-series keyboards, as they have much better piano emulation and polyphony than the E-series (and perhaps the SX, as well), as that is what they are designed for.  They may even have more advanced sound generation chips or algorithms, but I am not sure of that.  But when just looking at the basic capabilities such as number of sounds and styles, as well as the sequencer (on the DGX-660), those categories seem closer to the PSR-E400 series than the PSR-SX600.

Now, I agree that it is unlikely that the PSR-E473 will get a 16 track sequencer, hundreds of DSP options, and maybe not even 4-variation styles.  But seeing as how Casio has been inching closer to these types of specs, I think we may just see a significant move forward for the E473.  Maybe?  I don't know -- We'll see  :) !

Hi Bob,

Donít be fooled by the number of buttons or options available on the control panel. The DGX 670 is a PSR SX600 in disguise. They share the same sound engine and the same effect module. The DGX line has 88 graded-hammer keys and much better piano samples, the PSR SX600 has more sounds and styles, more control knobs etc., but the sound engines are similar. The DGX 670 has even a style creator and a mixer, which is unheard of in the DGX range.

If you want to check for yourself how similar the DGX 670 is to the PSR SX600, have a look at the DGX 670 manuals, which are already on Yamahaís website.

It is also very clear that the sounds and styles are far superior on the DGX than on the DGX 650 and 660. I am pretty sure that the drums are using the same samples than the Revo drums, like on the PSR SX range.

If you want to find out how the PSR E473 will offer, it is best to draw a comparison between the PSR E363 and 463 and you can be sure that there will be the same quality jump from the PSR E373 to the forthcoming PSR E473.

Hopefully we will se the E473 during the course of 2021...




--- Quote from: SciNote on January 20, 2021, 06:27:29 AM ---...
Number of voices:

DGX-670: 630
SX600: 1373 (That might be an error on Yamaha's website, depending on if the XG voices were counted twice, but even if that is the case, then the total voice count is still likely 893)

--- End quote ---

Hi Bob.

the Owner's Manuals say:
SX600:    850 Voices + 43 Drum/SFX-Kits + 480 XG Voices
DGX670: 601 Voices + 29 Drum/SFX Kits  (The DGX670 probably also has the additional 480 XG Voices, because it is compatible to "XG, GS, GM, GM2" for Song playback)

By the way:
SX700:   986 Voices + 41 Drum-/SFX-Kits + 480 XG Voices
SX900: 1337 Voices + 56 Drum-/SFX-Kits + 480 XG Voices

Best regards,


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