Author Topic: Q: SX700 foot pedals - Any way to simulate 3rd pedal - assignable button change  (Read 752 times)

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Offline PSRTom

Hello All,
First, Thanks to All of You for contributing to this site.
I have a question on quickly switching pedal functions, that is, to do it while playing.
I am using the Freeze Function to keep pedals on my preferred functions.
Is there a way to simulate a 3rd pedal? Example: A way to use assignable key, knob, whatever to change the function of one of the pedals while playing?  I guess it could by done by switching between Reg Memory Buttons, but I would like something more flexible. Switching between Memory Register BANKS would be awkward while playing.

Offline RobertM

Hello Tom,
I'll be very interested in your post as it follows my question on connecting a third (volume/expression) pedal.
I generally use just two switch pedals but would like an expression pedal for organ voices.  The only work around I found was that for organ voices, using one on Modulation gives a sort of "two level" volume change, and is part selectable.
Still requires an assignment change, but at least no plug swapping.