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Music Finder Viewer for PSR S975
« on: January 05, 2021, 05:33:48 PM »
I had been using Music Finder View with my PSR S950 and was delighted
with how it helped me organize my music. I play a lot of genres
and different audiences, so this tool was ideal for my S950.

Since I upgraded to a S975, I find it returns a code instead of a Style
name. So Country Waltz shows as 1408,  R&B Detroit Pop shows as 3376, etc.

If I can identify a song where I used that style I can interpret - hit and
miss. However, there are several styles which I haven't used yet, and I want
to explore all of them for usefulness. I need to know the cross reference
between style code and style name.

Michael Bedesem has retired and nobody has picked up his Music Finder View
work. Can  you point me to someone who would know where I can get the data?

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Re: Music Finder Viewer for PSR S975
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2021, 06:10:43 PM »
Dave, welcome to this forum

Usually by now there are a myriad of answers to any quarry, but yours is a stumper.

I looked at the music finder articles written by Joe Waters and others and there seems to be no solution to your issue.

Perhaps you inherited those code numbers from a previous owner. If so , than might I suggest you try to reload the original MFD and start over.

MFd's are keyboard specific so just trying to load one from another board would be futile.

To now I have no concrete solution, but maybe some other fine members may weigh in on this

Good luck


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