Author Topic: How can I use portmento or legato voice when I recording chords in Style  (Read 1865 times)

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Hi guys
How can I use portmento voice or legato to record chords in CH12 when I recording style?
I tried it in Genos, all SX types and PSR-A3000, but I Failed😢
 Fist, I had already completed the voice settings and save it, if the voice settings was Mono-Normal, these properties would remain when selecting the voice in the chord recording channels, but the problem when I make the voice Legato or Portmento, and then selecting it in the recording channels,  this feature automatically automatically remove and  the voice return to poly,
There are other properties that are also removed, for example when I assign the pitch band a value of 12 instead of a value of 2, the sound will return to the value 2 when choosing it in the style recording channels.
, I tried to add these properties when choosing the option (setup edit) , but these properties do not appear and cannot be selected and we will be limited to some properties only
If the keyboards not supported that, can I use any program to make Because we need that a lot in the Middle East.

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