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Hi everybody,

I am a new member here (and a very recent owner of a PSR-SX900), so I hope that this first post would be useful to someone ;)

As most of you may know, in addition to their commercial packs, CMS SoundDesign also offers a lot of free sound expansion packs on their website. I recently bought their Bösendorfer pack (CMS Grandpiano 3) which sounds really marvelously with my SX900. While browsing their freeware stuff, I thought that it would be nice to group all their download links into a single place.

So I've quickly written a script (using the Python programming language) to fetch all the links for their freeware packs. Here is the text file grouping all those links. Note that the corresponding pack files are either directly in the ppf format, or compressed in a zip archive. When downloading and uncompressing the whole stuff (379 packs), it represents more than 18 GB of sound data !! It's really awesome that a company offers such a great amount of data for free ! The organs and the synths are particularly shining.

Just a word about the text file. As the forum does not allow one to attach text files, I renamed the file as "cms.xls", but you should rename it back to "csm.txt" before opening it. You can see that each line of the file is composed of 2 fields separated by a semicolon sign: the second field is the link, the first field is the voice category (well, it uses my own voice categories, not the one following CMS classification).

Of course, if you have some programming skills, it's quite easy to write a script that uses this file to automatically download all the packs, and put them in the corresponding folders according to the category names. I prefer NOT to share this script, because I consider that it is not very respectful of the work done by CMS, if any forum member just picks up the data and runs away. I found it very pleasing to browse their website, listen to the audio samples, and eventually buy some pack to grant them for the free stuff. Having the whole list, is just a way to easily select the packs according to your needs. As said, hope you find this useful...


PS: I hope including the 380th pack soon : the 2020 christmas calendar they are currently revealing day by day
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Re: All links to 379 freeware packs by CSM SoundDesign (18GB !!!)
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Thanks scirocco grt Marc
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Re: All links to 379 freeware packs by CSM SoundDesign (18GB !!!)
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As promised in my initial post, to get a round number, I've updated the pack list to include an additional 380th pack (the last line of the text file attached to the initial post). The new pack is the 2020 Christmas Calendar gift by CMS, which contains 24 differents voices (see list below) and weighs over 600MB when uncompressed as a PPF file:

01 - CMS BattlePad (13,6MB) - Novation Supernova Pad Sound
02 - CMS Eternis (14,9 MB) - U-He Diva Pad Sound
03 - CMS Terminate (7,6MB) - Korg Wavestation Bellpad
04 - CMS Sandman (13,5 MB) - Tone2 Saurus Synth Bellpad
05 - CMS Pop Choir (18,8 MB) - Roland SC-880 Synth Pop Choir
06 - CMS RetroOrg (49,7MB) - Hammond L-Series Organ Sound
07 - CMS Hammond (20,8 MB) - Hammond B3 Organ Sound
08 - CMS New Klick (866 KB) - 1969 Hammond C3 Key Klick
09 - CMS Trance Saw (21,7 MB) - Roland JP-8000 Saw Sound
10 - CMS OB Strings (14,8 MB) - Oberheim Synthesizer Strings
11 - CMS Jup 8 (14 MB) - Roland Jupiter 8 Saw Sound
12 - CMS FatPad (30,4 MB) - Novation Supernova Trance Pad
13 - CMS Oberheim (11,7 MB) - Oberheim OB-Xa Synthebrass
14 - CMS FM Bass (993 KB) - Yamaha DX-7 Pop Bass
15 - CMS Moog Bass (89,6 MB) - Moog Voyager Pop Bass
16 - CMS 80s Pad (8,3 MB) - Korg Wavestation Synthepad
17 - CMS Silver Pad (7,4 MB) - Korg Wavestation Legendary Pad
18 - CMS Analog Str (27,3 MB) - Siel Orchestra 2 Synth Strings
19 - CMS Psy Bass (11,6 MB) - XFER Serum Psytrance Bass
20 - CMS Vintage C3 (9,7 MB) - Hammond C3 Festregister
21 - CMS Solina (10,9 MB) - Solina Synth Strings
22 - CMS PluckPad (14,6 MB) - Roland JP-8000 TriSaw Pluck Pad
23 - CMS OceanPluck (8,2 MB) - Korg Radias Saw Pluck
24 - CMS X-Mas Pack 2020 (196,6 MB)

Once again, very warm thanks to CMS for their amazing collection of freewares !

Happy new year to everybody !
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I can definitely vouch for the CMS free sounds.  They are amongst my favourite patches right now on the Genos. Some amazing sounds amongst them, I use YEM to mix and match into my own voice packs. Great work in easing the job of downloading all of the sounds :-)  I find it difficult to keep on top of new releases and remember what I’ve already downloaded.
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