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Re: FYI - Efficient use of 2 subs
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2020, 09:58:59 AM »
Hi Murray

Thanks for the info. Definitely something I did NOT know.



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Re: FYI - Efficient use of 2 subs
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2021, 01:01:15 AM »
FYI, for anyone reading this now, this site might be helpful to determine the wavelength of a target frequency:

The problem with such calculations is that what you are listening to through an array of subwoofers will be a range of frequencies from subaudible up to the falloff caused by the lowpass filtering of the subwoofers themselves and the signal coming from the amplifier or receiver attached to.  So obviously the "sweet spot" for the proper distance of any given frequency will vary accordingly. Which can create frequency cancellations and resonances that would be nearly completely impossible to correct across the frequency range even of just 20 hz to 60 hz.  So I try to keep the lowpass filtering as low as possible as a result. Typically 35 hz.  At 35 hz, the wavelength is 32 ft, so half of that would be 16 ft. between speakers. Which is fine for the distance between each pair (I have four subwoofers attached to my home theater system positioned two in front of the listening position and two in back.), front and rear, but what about the pairs facing each other? What is the BEST distance between them while facing each other?  Honestly, I don't know, so it took just LISTENING to them to hear what sounded best out of whatever I tried. Each of the subs have polarity switches, and with three of the four I can also control phasing as well as polarity. So there was a lot of "hunt and peck" tuning to get what sounded "best" to me. Could things be better if I moved the front pair and rear pair 5 ft closer together or 5 feet further apart?  I'll never know. Tripping over subwoofers in the middle of the family room floor is a no-go.  As is knocking out a wall to make that room larger.

My limitation with positioning them is the wife's call of "You aren't seriously considering putting THEM THERE, are you?"     ;D

As for my Genos, I have the Yamaha speakers and optionally I can run the signal through the receiver and 6.2 (I don't use the center speaker channel) speaker system in that room when I feel like turning that on. Sounds OK, but honestly the PRIME listening spot is right in front of my Korg Kronos, whereas the Genos is off to the right side.  But it is what it is. Maybe eventually I will move the Genos to the prime listening spot, when I become convinced it is my prime playing instrument, but that is not quite yet. But probably will become so rather shortly.
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