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Re: Piano Voice comparison
« Reply #50 on: July 08, 2021, 06:14:57 PM »
Absolutely fascinating thread, thanks Mike!

I correctly guessed the CVP was C *because* of the low volume level, which would lend itself more to a more dynamic range; And since the T5 and s970/s975 should sound the same, I assumed I would just listen for the 2 that sounded the same... nope! Maarten correctly predicted that the T5 sample would sound drier.  But through my crappy computer speakers I could not hear the difference between A & B!

That's saying something, because the Genos through a GNSMS01 and the PSRs970/s975 through its own speakers sound *very* different in person. In person, the s970/s975 piano sounds clear, yes, but not as 'open' as the Genos (which is spectacularly clear... but still doesn't sound as good as the CVP809 through its own speakers)

What speakers you're using makes a *world* of difference.

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Re: Piano Voice comparison
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Another way of looking at this - there are four things that potentially make a difference to the enjoyment of piano playing on these arrangers,
1. the sample quality and on board sound generation
2. the devices through which you play the sound, ie speakers, headphones
3. The quality of the playing
4  feel of the keyboard
Over the years we have seen hundreds of posts focused on #1, but this thread shows that it is maybe less than 5% of any perceived difference. So little that most people cannot pick it up.
 #2 matters, but is eliminated when you play them all thru the same device. #3 matters the most by a country mile but for good players this is also affected by #4.