Author Topic: Exporting styles from CVP-805 for use on portable keyboard (eg DGX660,PSR-SX900)  (Read 1572 times)

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I read somewhere in these forums that it is is possible to export the SFF2 files from the CVP-805 to a USB to utilize in a  portable keyboard( eg DGX660,PSR- SX900)
I am aware that it will probably sound different from the original due to the different voices available but that can be tweaked at the portable keyboard end.

I am unable to find any instruction anywhere on how to facilitate the export of the SFF2 file to USB to tranfer to the portable.

Has anyone got any tips in this regard as I would like to work on the CVP-805 to practice and export to set up for portable performances?

Online overover

Hi chadsolo,

please read the section "File Management" in your CVP-805 Owners's Manual (starting from page 32). On page 34 you will find the needed information for "Copying or Moving Files".

This functions work in the same way in all the different File Selection displays. (In your case you need to be in the Style Selection display.) You can either copy one file at a time, or several at a time.

Alternatively you can also work with the "Save" function. With this you can save the currently loaded Style to a different location (e.g. onto a USB stick).

Best regards,
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Thanks for your help. I have the CVP-805 sitting in its box after picking it up this week as I am about to move house in the next couple of weeks and it seems best not to unpack it to prevent damage on moving. The suspense is killing me !! Hence my trying to find out stuff in anticipation  :) Thanks again.

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Hi Chadsolo
Iíve had the CVP805 for around 18 months, you will not be disappointed,!!! ;D ;D
I said in an earlier post that I upgraded from a CVP605 and found the difference to be amazing, like in old days, listening to FM radio after years of AM.