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« on: November 25, 2020, 09:43:30 AM »
Hi Andy , thank you for your earlier reply few days back. Re the 809, can you tell me if the restore , or initialising procedure, when the extreme right C note is held when turning keyboard on, removes data from User section, or affects any connected USB. What would be the main function of this procedure be, perhaps the instrument could freeze or lock up, interesting to know. Many thanks.

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Re: Restore
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Hi Ray,

pressing and holding the top white key while switching on triggers a System Reset. This restores the System Setup parameters to the original factory settings. Refer to "Parameter Chart" in the CVP-809 Data List for details about which parameters belong to the System Setup. You will lose your user-defined system settings and you will have to reset everything that you have changed so far.

This System Reset method does the same as a Factory Reset under "Menu > Utility > System > Factory Reset / Backup > Page 1/2", if only a checkmark is set for "System".

A System Reset does NOT delete any user files like Styles, Registration files etc. (in the User drive or on a USB flash drive).

In principle, however, a System Reset should only be carried out in the event of an error (e.g. if the keyboard has "hung up" and no longer works properly after a restart).

Otherwise, just go through the various menus and set all functions as you wish. :)

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Re: Restore
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Thank you Chris, much appreciated your explanation. Ray.