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Loud notes
« on: October 11, 2020, 03:07:43 PM »
Hello all!

I donít know if you are aware of the Warranty/goodwill program for Yamaha Digital Pianos with GH3X/NWX keyboard?

Yamaha recognised that the mentioned keyboards under certain conditions did not perform to the customers expectations. So they offer to upgrade the products at no cost to the end user until 31 dec 2028. (Yes, you read right). Parts and labour will be free. I donít know if this offer is available worldwide, but it is in my part of Europe.

And I have upgraded both my CVP 605 & CVP 709. And it solved the problem that certain notes sounded much louder than others at the same velocity.

I lived with this problem for quite a while until I attached my MacBookPro and Garage Band to see what was going on. I could easily see a big velocity difference between adjacent keys that shouldnít be there via the program.

I contacted Yamaha about my problem and this was something they knew about so there was already a service kit for the issue. So if you are having the same problem check with Yamaha if they can help.
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