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Genos External Controller
« on: September 25, 2020, 02:31:01 PM »

I created a app for Windows that makes it possible to detect user defined sysex in a midi file when played on the Genos.
These sysex are detected and changed into note events for External Midi Controller functions.
Note events are send on Channel 16 on the correct port (Midi or USB).
That way it is possible to select from within the midi file Reg 1...10, Reg Seq +/-, Transpose .... All the commands possible in the External Midi Controller.
This all works fine via USB or via a MIDI2USB from PC to Genos.

With the program rtpMidi it is possible to connect the Genos and the PC wireless.
Playing midi files wireless from PC to Genos works correct.
Only the notes for the External Control are not detected as so. They simply play, but do not fire the functions as with USB or MIDI.

Could that be a bug or is there perhaps a reason why Yamaha does not support this on the wireless connection ?
Any idea why this might not be possible over wireless connection is welcome.


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Re: Genos External Controller
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Interesting, Etienne. Before I attempt an opinion, what is "rtpMIDI"?
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Re: Genos External Controller
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