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SX-700or SX-900
« on: August 30, 2020, 09:27:28 AM »
I have a CVP709PE but have been taken by the innovations on the new “mini genos” keyboards. Changing to a CVP 809 would be very expensive so I am tempted to go for a PSR-SX700  or SX900as an extra. I would welcome suggestions as to whether the SX900 is worth the extra £650!
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Re: SX-700or SX-900
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2020, 09:50:16 AM »
I think  it is all up you. Do you like Harmony or the extra expansion memory, etc.  It's easy to compare and make a decision. Enjoy your new gear when you decide!

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Re: SX-700or SX-900
« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2020, 10:38:45 AM »
Hi - i initially bought an SX900 as it is shorter ( being a 61) than Genos, as I only have a short space at home to keep it, genos was just too big.

Have to say the 900 was very good, but I went down to an SX700, as I soon realised I did not need the difference in spec between the two, which is unusual!
I have loaded any additional styles and voices I needed easily and the memory for me on the 700 is more than adequate as i usually save to USB anyhow, and IMHO it is really the same board without a loop function and I dont need mic. harmony myself. Plus despite on-board speakers not being quite as powerful as the 900's the 700 is pretty darn good and I use an external Logitech speaker system with it anyway, so it is just as good.

The good think about the SX is it is just SO compact and all the controls are well placed and just so handy. for using on the fly.
(Genos was all over the place - you need long )

I never get that with a 76 or 88 why the **** they need to run the controls to the far ends of the cabinet/keybed??? when they can manage to compact a 61's controls in to a much shorter reach just in line/above the keys!! and work around internal speakers which is great for a user. This is where the SX like the PSR range scores in my book.

I clawed back WELL OVER £500 moving down a gear from a 900 to 700 and have bought a Korg i3(to sit above my SX700 ) with the price difference.
I am DELIGHTED with the combination for the single investment of less than the price of an sx900. at under £1300 in total for the 2 NEW boards. ( less than the price of a well used Tyros!! )

I had got used to Genos and the SX works in just the same way, same touch screen on the SX ( smaller ) and same OS....sure you will love one whichever you choose.

I have never had such great value for money out of a board as i have found in the SX700 ...Bang for buck, it is amazing, plus as I say, having the Korg i3 with it with all the bread and butter korg voices and styles it is just the icing on the cake!!

Just a few years back, this level of kit would have cost a fortune!


ps...just in case you interested in the i3 - here is a demo is available in black to match the SX
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Re: SX-700or SX-900
« Reply #3 on: August 30, 2020, 11:20:40 AM »
Thanks Keith. This is very informative.
My problem with the SX900 for me is that there are too many things I know I would never use such as chord looper and vocal harmony but there are a lot more styles and voices I would enjoy.  As a Clavinova player I have never had access to the concept of expansion. Forgive my ignorance but could I add voices and styles to bring it in line with the number of both on the dearer model? As someone who enjoys playing Classical  as well as more popular type music the Church Organ pack interests me. Would I be able to add it to the SX700 for instance?
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Re: SX-700or SX-900
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Yes Alex- regular Yamaha voices seem to load well as do styles. I have loaded the missing styles fine and just added voices to the few OTS which were missing on the 700. and then saved these new styles with their OTS easily on to user drive. i have called the folder 'missing sx900'
They both have the same 3 expansion packs installed ( so the expansion voices and styles for each MUST be on the 700 as well as the 900 ) but there is the chance to chop and change the pre-loaded .As i understand it when you load another pack it overwrites one of the pre-loaded and there is adequate memory to add your additional 'basic' extras to the 700 ...well IMHO
You could put the Church and Classical packs in the 700 probs and keep maybe one of the pre-loaded I imagine, but just check with your dealer,
I dont use YEM personally, but sure somebody will post with what you can and cant do.

For my money the 700 was a no brainer, although I usually go for the higher spec. i made a big mistake with this one.
If, like me you dont need looper and mic. harmony i would not waste the £600 + but of course, that's your call Alex.

keep me posted ....keith
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Re: SX-700or SX-900
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Hi Ales,
  This is of course always down to personal choice and of course playing both keyboards and deciding which one will suit your needs better. I have the SX900 and it is a great little keyboard. It has plenty of volume and the sound system is great as to the fact that it circulates the sound all around the keyboard and not just at the player. As Yamaha are now giving a lot of there sound packs away having 1 Gb of memory is very useful as sampled voices soon use up the space. If you are a singer and many players are then the Vocal harmony can be very useful. Also the chord looper can be very useful when practicing songs or composing your own. If when you have played your chord sequence in the looper you decide you don't like the style you chose then just select one you do like the looper will still play back the same but using a different style. You can really have fun with this.
   Hope this helps a little.

Re: SX-700or SX-900
« Reply #6 on: August 31, 2020, 08:20:33 AM »
Hello Alex Sinton
I also own a PSX-SX700. I created a bank of Classical organ sounds in collaboration with Joseph BASQUIN.
I have the PPI file for the SX700 at your disposal if you are interested.
You just need to install it in the SX700 using the "Expansion pack" function.
I have the PPF file at your disposal to adapt it to other PSR or GENOS.

The files are available at these addresses : (".ins" file for cakewalk)

Christian BOUCAUD (Normandie - FRANCE)
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