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Free Brazilian Expansion pack
« on: July 22, 2020, 12:25:26 AM »
Dear colleagues,

Last month Yamaha announced free Expansion Packs at their shop site, but a lot of issues delayed and made difficult the actual downloading for several weeks.  These issues were addressed in hundreds of posts in a thread at the Genos-General board (link below), so maybe many PSR owners didn't follow it.

At last Yamaha apparently corrected the many problems at the site, although I understand not everybody was successful in getting the desired packs.  I was able to download (after several attempts) the Brazilian pack, which was my first priority.

To facilitate access by others interested (likely other Brazilian participants), I uploaded it to the link below .  It includes Brazilian voices and styles for PSRs S-670, S-770, S-775, S-970, S-975, SX-700 and SX-900 and is about 270MB.  You'll need Yamaha's Expansion Manager (free) for installation.  Enjoy.

Cheers -- Josť,55896.0.html
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