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my next Yamaha keyboard
« on: July 20, 2021, 07:43:57 PM »
Hello everyone!
I understand that unlike many of the topics on this board, I am asking about my next keyboard, rather than talking about suggestions for keyboards that aren't out yet. This can be moved to the appropriate board if necessary. However, I will most likely be buying my next keyboard in five months, but I have so many options to choose from. They all have good and bad things about them, and I need help/suggestions/advice for which one to choose.
I currently have a PSR-SX600. While some of the sounds on it are good, such as the ConcertGuitar, I believe Yamaha should have chosen more up-to-date versions of some of the instruments. A few examples are the FlamencoGuitar, the BrushKit (I'm using the names of the voices on this keyboard), the ConcertGrand, and so many more. In addition, the pitch bend and modulation wheels, as well as the keyboard type, are really not that great.
I am considering a few options, but there are problems with all of them for me. I'm thinking about either the PSR-SX900, the PSR-A5000 (as I plan to do some world music), or the older Tyros 5. Here are my reasons for considering each one, as well as the problems:
The PSR-SX900 has way better sounds, including the newer versions of the voices listed above. However, since I am blind, I can't use the touch screen to play the on-board demos for the voices, or choose others. I understand that VoiceGuide can help, but I read in another topic here that VoiceGuide is limited, and more suitable for partially sighted, rather than blind people.
While the Tyros 5 is older, it has many of the sounds found on the SX900 (except for many of the drums.) It even has S.Art2! voices, which PSR keyboards lack. Luckily for me, it has buttons rather than a touch screen, so I can play the demos much easier. However, I really like the drums of the SX900, that are mini versions of the Revo!drums of the Genos.
While the PSR-A5000 has a few of the drums found on the Genos (and many more that aren't), it still lacks in a few ways. For example, the ConcertGrand is the only S.Art! piano; the rest are Live! voices, versions that aren't that great-sounding and don't have great demos. It doesn't even have the eight best organs that are on all the others. However, it does have many voices from around the world, that I know I'll want to use. As I said in my channel trailer, after going on a virtual tour of a few museums last year, I found that I want to write music with elements of other countries mixed in.
All of these keyboards are wonderful, I can't decide which one I want. All of them have great sounds, some more so than others, but they all have their own features that make all three shine (unlike my current keyboard, as I stated.)
I'm sorry for this post being so long, but there are so many things that make me want each one. Since I can only choose one, I have no idea which one I really want.
Help is appreciated.

Re: my next Yamaha keyboard
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I Agree. yamaha will bring something oyt.

Re: my next Yamaha keyboard
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The thing about the A5000 and SX900 is that I just can't use the touch screen. When I contacted Yamaha a few weeks ago about the voice demos, they said they can only be accessed by the touch screen, and that more keyboards will have them. If I (and others) can't even use them, what's the point in having them on there?