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Next Yamaha Keyboard Wishlist / Suggestions
« on: July 18, 2020, 09:17:34 PM »
Live Control Knobs is not being used well in my opinion, the current available are good, but we can still have a much better functionality.

( Midi CC messages like CC 11 and others could be included)
Kontakt Ideas
Kontakt is the best Engine in the PC World
Having some the basic Features could help the performance to sound very realistic and easier to make. Ability to Learn CC messages we can have the Live Control or Modulation Wheel controlling Multiple Messages.
Key switches, switching between patterns and Instruments could help play be much easier too.
( This might be too advanced, but stuff like Heavyocity In the Novo, Forzo series had a unique way to control the FX with just 1 Knob )
Kontakt calls this function the Animator, it's basically a arpeggiator. But they have a very advanced one compared to the keyboard preset )
Style Creator
Some of the Functions are good on the keyboard and don't require and modifications
But the ones that do are
Ability to activate all Tracks from the Keyboard
Better CASM editor
Ability to create custom patterns with better tools.
Adding CC messages after the notes have been recorded would be a massive step up.
Can be done on Step Edit. But it would be much easier to do a Modulation Wheel bend and record the CC messages in real time.

Improvement on Step Edit ( In General to Style Song and Multipad Creator )
Step edit is probably the most powerful tool in the creator section.
But the current setup Is time consuming,

Copy and Paste show be allowed from Style Song or Multipad to interconnect the 3

Removable Speakers ( Monitor Speakers)
By default the speakers sound good.
Having the same speakers in a separate case and the ability to attach it back onto the keyboard would bring a massive change
People might not have to buy separate monitor speakers.

Assignable Modulation Wheel
As mentioned above , Kontakt functions like learning could make it a much more useful Modulation Wheel.

Two Line inputs ( with XLR )
Stereo Support and 48v Phantom power like the one on Genos was a good move

Other Software Support.
Support for Android users
Stuff like Mix Master and Jørgen
Could be on the keyboard.
Yamaha Expansion Manager update.

All of suggestions were based on my experience with Yamaha PSR S 770
And a friend who has the T5 also by watching some of the Genos videos

More will be added.
And please feel free to correct anything or if you want to add
Regards Norman!
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Re: Next Yamaha Keyboard Wishlist / Suggestions
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2020, 10:02:31 PM »
A tiltable screen on all models!
Toril S

Genos, Tyros 5, PSR S975, PSR 2100
and PSR-47.
Former keyboards: PSR-S970.

Toril's PSR Performer Page
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