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Tommy Ölins midi arrangemang
« on: June 08, 2020, 09:30:49 AM »
Tommy Ölin from Sweden.
Is there interest in how I use my Yamaha Genos in my gigs? Feel free to go to the link below for listening!
All arrangements are made by me in mid format, plus I play the keyboard myself.

About my midi arrangements.
I have stopped using style as an arrangement in midi format sounds much more and has more variations than the two or four beats that are repeated in a style without any major variations.
I often use all 16 tracks plus I sometimes split a track so that it can change instruments during the file. In this way I get more than the 16 musical instruments that are possible and get more variations.
Often I am told that I do not want to use pre-recorded music, I want to play everything myself… .but what do you play yourself in style games than the melody with the right hand and in most cases strike a chord with the left hand. Nothing
In midi playing, you play in the same way as with style but get a much bigger and fatter performance.
What is different is that you can follow the recorded tracks, as it is not possible to play in error. You have to play in sync with the other musicians in the file.
I also put in my midi files so that they control VH choruses, sounds for my own playing on the keyboard, chord display, text display etc.
With this I do not want to blame style gameplay, just want to talk about how I use my Yamaha Genos.
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Tommy Ölin
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Re: Tommy Ölins midi arrangemang
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Nice work my friend!
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Re: Tommy Ölins midi arrangemang
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Excellent work Tommy, congratulations. Hans
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