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As some of you know I've been struggling to learn about my new SX700. It's been helpful to have board member share their expertise. In that spirit, I offer this attempt to simplify one of the many things I find confusing. Hopefully, it will be helpful.

HOWTO - EDIT your panel settings SX700

Disclaimer: Feel free to use Yamaha’s anfractuous Manuals or try these directions. I offer this HOWTO, to help in learning this complex instrument. Corrections or comments are welcome. Add your own HOWTO for those things you had trouble understanding.


Steps - Working with MIXTURE/EQ Screen

1   Make the desired settings for the panel you are working on -
        (Registration Memory 1-8)

2   Press Memory Button -(next to Freeze)

3   Press the Registration Memory button to save to - 1 thru 8

4   Press Registration Bank Select buttons  - +  AT THE SAME TIME.
        The Regist Bank screen will come up

5   At the upper right of the screen, you will see a File option.

6   Press File - that will bring up the File Edit screen

7   Press Save that will take you back to the Regist Bank Screen

8   Press Save Here - the panel you are working will be highlighted and you will
        be taken back to the Regist Edit screen where you will see the name of the
        panel you are working on.

9   Press OK at the lower right of the screen. This brings up a confirmation screen

10   To finalize your changes - Press Yes

Finally, to be sure the changes you made are what you want, press any of the other    buttons 1-8. As you do you will see the Mixer settings for the button you pushed.    Now go back to the panel button you edited/created to be sure the settings are what    you want.


Richard Peck -rapaz