Author Topic: Problem when using Genos as a GM module for playback midi files from PC  (Read 766 times)

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When I import a GM midi file directly to Genos, the song is played back fine. However when I am using windows media player to playback the same file, it doesn't play the file as it should and it sounds really weird.
It looks like Genos wont load any instruments in the mixer song tab. instead it loads the instruments in the mixer style tab. Not sure what I am doing wrong here?

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Edit. Found a solution. It looks like Windows have a problem with mapping midi correct to external devices. I found a utility that fixed this issue and now the file plays back as it should.
If anyone else has the same issue, this is what fixed it for me -
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A midi file plays great on a keyboard like the Genos, as the sound numbers match but will not on a computer  because midi is only information which triggers the keyboard sounds.
When you play the song on a computer it triggers the sound  numbers and quality of your soundcard or external sound box
That is why it sounds weird or like a kids toy or you get drums ,whistles and a mish mash of mush!! :P ::) :)

John :)
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Don't use the pc virtual synth or a gm modulle
Connect the usb cable from the back usb port from your keyboard to the computer
install the yamaha usb driver on the computer
Go to the midi setup of your midi player or the best the free vanbasco midi karaoke player
select the yamaha driver 1