Author Topic: Tyros 5 Score Screen - How to keep all melody notes in the treble clef?  (Read 1083 times)

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I have a Tyros 5 and play midis from the "score" screen.  Some midis change between the treble clef and the bass clef on the melody stave. I can't read the bass clef and so would like to lock all these in the treble clef - all the notes are all in range. 

What have I tried?
Using song creator - deleted all sysex events - no effect.
Used PSRUTI to move all the channels up 1 octave - problem fixed (for sopranos), but then when you change down 1 octave the problem is back again.
Hours and hours reading up about sysex events and loaded so much software :)  I know that I can transpose the notes, but the cakewalk version that I have seems to delete all the "chord events".
Also tried changing the instrument from guitar to piano

Anybody got any idea - also ideas on a hair restorer would be welcome too :)

Thanks for reading.

- Andy
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I was told a partial answer to this by someone who sells Yamaha.
The instrument that you record the melody in has to be a treble clef instrument: piano or trumpet. Many other instruments will span both staves.
Hope this helps

- Andy

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SYsex won't help you, Andy.

But I think you're on the right track with transpose, but do it on the keyboard.

Here's what I would try:
1. Transpose the Song up until all notes are in the treble clef.
2. If you need a certain key (eg, for a singer), you can transpose the keyboard down as required.

To specify what's transpose, use Transpose Assign in Functions.

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Use only the treble bar
In most midi files is the melodie on miditrack 4
There is a free cakewalk sonar it keeps the chords
You can download it by bandlab
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My way of working around this problem :
Transpose ONLY the channel with the melody notes (+ 1 octave = +12 semi tones) in the midi file (mostly channel 4 but not necessary)..
That are the notes that you need to see on the screen for playing with the midi file.
As a reminder when playing I use lyrics to put eventually some remarks under the staff like : play 1 octave higher or play 1 octave lower.

If you like to play the midi file in another key then the solution from Fred Smith is correct.

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