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I am trying figure out how to set chord interpretation properties for multipads. I posted this a while ago and I am still struggling with this.

I've read that Pad Maker Style  and Pad Maker Midi enable one to select from 9 different options in the "Follow Chords" section. Every time I  use Pad Maker, there is only one option in the drop down box which is "1".

I tried copying a style with chord follow parameters I want, to a multipad and that didn't work.

I had success with getting  multipads to use smooth voice leading by creating a template a multipad that had smooth voice leading and copying the midi block to that MPad templete using XDWorks. That works consistently. It does the same thing as setting the Style to NTR=Root Fixed, NTT=Chord.

Now I am trying to get the same effect in a Multipad as if a style is set to NTR=Root Transposed, NTT=Bypass. So that the multipad can play any complex melody and simply transpose it to the root of the chord without interpreting the chord type. I'm using it to create MPads with complex pop horn section licks and I want the licks to remain exactly the same but when I play different chords but just transposed the lick to that chord by whatever the root of the chord is.

Here's another possible solution for my problem
If I can't set the MPad properties to NTR=Root Transposed, NTT=Bypass, if someone has an MPad that is already set that way, I can use it as a template to copy my midi performance to it using XGWorks. Post it so I can download it

Thank You

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You can only use certain notes when recording multi Pads or they won't sound good. CEGBAD.
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