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Extra assignable button
« on: March 20, 2020, 06:57:24 PM »
Hello everbody. First everyone best wishes in those special times. It does give us all the opportunity to get to know our keyboard even better.
Hence this thread. Which I also got from someone else.
The Rotary button can also be used as an extra assignable button. It is even written  below it. Press "direct Access" + the rotary button and you enter the menu where you  can change it.
A. o. make it a Fade in / out button. Or start / stop button for the Looper and even what  sometimes is asked at this forum  a Half break.
If you save this in a memory don't forget to put a parenthesis.

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Re: Extra assignable button
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It also works on the SX Wim ...I use Fade . The assignables are in a better spot on the SX than the Genos I think . I use one of those for rotary as they are right above the keybed and rotary i find handier there.