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Searching for Multipad chord interpreting properties
« on: March 16, 2020, 08:57:58 PM »

I am trying to find a way to set the multipad properties that determine how chords are interpreted.

In a Style channel that has SFF properties: NTR=Fixed Root, the voice leading from chord to chord is smooth.

If I convert that Style to a multipad using PadMaker Style, the resulting multipad interprets the chord by transposing the root, resulting in poor voice leading from chord to chord, the whole chord is transposed instead of each voice in the chord going the the nearest voice.

In PadMaker Style, when I load a Style, the only option in the "Follow Chords" drop down is "1". So for some reason PadMaker Style is not displaying all the available options. I believe that in the past I was able to access the other option, but none of them resulted in smooth voice leading.

I am searching and experimenting with other ways to achieve smooth voice leading with multipads (Fixed root). i know this is possible because some preset multipads do have smooth voice leading. There has got to be a way to set these properties in one on the multipad or style 3rd party utilities. I am currently looking at the event list in MixMaster for any clues.

Please let me know if anyone has any ideas.

I found a way to do it, by creating a MultiPad template from an existing MultiPad that had Fixed Root and good voicing leading.

I simply use  MixMaster and XGWorks to copy an existing MultiPad to the template.
When I copy the MultiPad midi data  to the template, the resulting Multipad uses the chord interpretation from the template which is exactly what I wanted. It has a Fixed Root and uses smooth voiceleading.

It works consistently. Maybe there is an easier way?
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Re: Searching for Multipad SFF chord interpreting properties
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I have not studied this subject in details.
My findings so far are at

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