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E463 Functions
« on: March 09, 2020, 06:43:29 AM »
I noticed that E463 song, style and grove volume is to loud. By default they are all set at 100 while the voice is set at automatic level. The problem is I can barely hear any voice. At best I would say its at 20 to 30% compared to style, song or grove volume. I am worried that this is a malfunction of E463.

I wonder what is your typical or custom setup of E463 in functions area.

Thanks for help.
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Re: E463 Functions
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2020, 09:33:31 AM »
As I always say, if you are near a music store that sells your keyboard and can conveniently get there, check out similar settings on their display keyboard to see if it sounds the same as your keyboard.  If it sounds the same, then your keyboard is likely not defective.

On my older PSR-E433, I usually only use the styles for the drums, but I have not noticed them to be particularly loud compared to the main "panel voices."  But with my "XGLite" voices, many of them have very low default volume settings, and they need to be boosted (using the main, dual, or split volume level settings, depending on which zone you're using for the voice) to be useable and heard over the style and other voices.  But I thought they fixed this with later versions of the keyboard, like the E453 and E463.

I know the style volume level is remembered on my E433 after I turn the power off, and it does not have to be saved to a registration.  So, if you find the style is overpowering many of your voices, just lower the style volume level.  I suspect that the song and groove volume levels are also memorized after power off, but I haven't checked that on my keyboard.

Normally, I create custom "patches", or combinations of voices and settings, to get the sound I want, including the volume levels that I want, and I just save them to a registration -- but I save them to a registration WITHOUT a style.  This way, I can set the style volume independently, and then when playing a song, I can choose a particular style and tempo for that song, and then use the registrations to easily change the sounds I am using throughout the song (such as using different sounds for verses and choruses) without changing the style.
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Re: E463 Functions
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2020, 12:54:18 PM »
A lot of the preset voices on Yamaha keyboards have rather low volumes for some reason-- by which I mean, it seems odd to me that Yamaha would set the volume so low on so many voices. This isn't just on the PSR-E models, either, but the problem isn't so bad on PSR-S models and above (Tyros/Genos) where users can easily tweak the settings on the preset voices and then save them as user voices. The PSR-E models let you save tweaked voices in registrations, but that's not quite the same as being able to save them as user vcoices.

Anyway, after you select a particular preset voice, you can go into the Function menu and look at the value of the M.Volume setting to see what the volume is for that preset voice. Some voices, such as the Acoustic Grand Piano (Voice 001) has a nice, powerful volume setting, typically greater than 100 (the actual volume setting varies from model to model, as though Yamaha has trouble picking a specific volume and sticking with it). But other preset voices might have volume settings of 50 or less!

Consequently, if you're changing between a number of different voices while you're using the auto accompaniment feature, you really need to check the volumes of the preset voices and adjust them as needed so you can keep the volumes in balance with the accompaniment, then save each of the tweaked preset voices as a registration.

Note that the StyleVol setting is also saved in a registration, so you might want to turn down the accompaniment's volume in addition to turning up the volume of certain voices.
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