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Offline stefanobean

Hi, I'm new and happy with genos. I'm not so good with english, hope you understand me
Problem 1:
I notice with internal style that often if I press fill immediately after the bar 2 of 4 start  (some milli second)   the fill start, but the first note of bass
  is cutted. expecially if the first note is long... so we can ear a "silence" of bass during the fill... of course it's only about half second or less but bad to listen
  and of course if I press perfect at 1/1  I hear the full fill perfect.   It's a knowed bug or not? I don't use "auto fill" because not correct... If I'm on Main B and press Main C the auto fill should be play the Fill B, that was designed for Main B.   So the problem is in Main A and press Main A for fill and B C D the same
If I press fill about the second half of bar it play fill without "silence". So in conclusion press fill at 1/4 or after 2/4  play good.. but little late after 1/4 cut bass note

Problem 2:   the same but with recycle file.  I prepare the loop with cubase 10 and then slice with recycle 2.  The loop play good and in perfect sync
     in the style... but if I press fill immediately at  start of bar 2 I can ear "silence" for some millisecond.
I have done a simple rex file with about 8 slide simple too.. only for Main A... play perfect... copy it in Fill A  and  same problem...
I notice that If I try to continue press fill during play many fast time (I know is not natural)  get many audio silence. It's like ear a problem that change from
midi part of Main to Fill... but in assembly I copied the same... so the errors is the same
I notice in a buyed style that has recycle that this don't append.. it's always perfect.
I cannot understand why... the loop, the recycle are perfect. ... So no problem if I press about after half second bar of fill  (from 2/4 to end) but
not happy because afraid to press and hear silence.
I'm thinking is some parametre to edit in recycle?
I tried to change  attack decay and Stretch in recycle without success
Hope who can help me.
thank you


Offline panos

Hi my friend,

In a 4/4 style
you can have at least 4 beats for the Main.
(it is one pattern but you can have more patterns for a Main)

A fill in also has 4 beats
(One pattern also but you cannot have more patterns for the fill in)

If you trigger the fill in at beat 1 (or just a little before 1) you will listen to the whole fill in pattern.
You will listen 1-2-3-4

If you trigger the fill in at beat 3 of the Main (or just a little before 3) you will listen half of the fill in's pattern.
You will just listen 3-4 (you cannot turn back time, right?)
Whatever notes are written just in beat 1 or 2, you won't hear them at all in this case.

If you trigger the fill in after beat 3 of the Main you will listen only what is written to the fill in after beat 3.
(The point you have triggered it.You cannot turn back time for the fill in to play something that is written exactly at beat 3).

In that case you also miss some notes of the drum fill in but our brains might not understand the difference.

If the style parts are unlocked you can check the timing and length of each note of the fill in parts in Style Creator in the "Edit".

I like to use the auto fill in.
No matter how wrong I may be at my timing, a fill in will always play when I move between the Mains(4/4 or at least 1/4 of it ).
If I want a different fill in for a part I may have to press 3-4 buttons in order to listen to the fill in that i want to and move to the next Main.

Of course if I feel the fill ins, the way they are, don't suit me for a specific song I just change their positioning.
Also I think is better to trigger a fill in just a little before it starts than after to be sure that a very first long note of a style part will be heard.
(you keep pushing your finger on it until you listen to it play and afterwards you can change the chord for the new part of the song)

I believe it's just a habit on the way we learn to play and we do those things without much thinking.

About your second problem I cannot help.
I guess a main and a fill in have something different in their "commands".
A Main keeps looping but not a fill in.
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Offline stefanobean

Thank you for the answer (problem 1). But I think maybe I'm not describe correct or you don't understand. Can I press "fill"  when I want and the sound play naturally without emty sound? The answere in Genos is "no" because if I press I little late after the start of beat the first note of bass is cuttend and then we can ear bass stop sound for a little time.... then for correct use I must press or little befor the start of first beat or late. And this is not good. Or it's only a my genos problem? I have korg and ketron and they don't cut the note, Then I don't understand if is my problem

Here a video demo of problem
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Offline valimaties

Hi panos and stefanobean.

panos, it is a WRONG explanation of how a fill works on Yamaha!!!!

Any Fill In in Yamaha it's working like that:

If you press the button between first and second time you will hear ALL channels playing.
If you press it After second time ONLY Rhy1 And Rhy2 channels will play, any of other channels will play the Main which was triggered from ;)

This is how a fill in works in Yamaha.

Yes, Korg has 2 options of how a fill triggers, immediately or next measure, but also, if immediately is set for the fill, anytime when you press the fill will play ALL channels, from the bar was triggered, which can be an option in Yamaha, too, if Yamaha engineers listen for ALL users, not only from some countries ;)

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Offline valimaties

It is happening as I know in Yamaha keyboards... This is the way a style works in Yamaha, and look to my explanation too ;)

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Offline panos

Hi again, Vali is right.
All I have written are correct only for the drum channels and not all the style parts.

I have watched the video.
stefanobean, I think you corrupt the midi sequence with your intentional bad timing and a note is "cut" from the bass.
A similar awkward result(not the same) you may have when you have a bad timing of a chord while e.g an arpeggio of a part style is playing.

There is nothing wrong with your keyboard.
I can reproduce the same result with the 16 ballad style on my psr.
I just avoid the usage of the fill in this way.I mean the... "after" the correct timing.I prefer the... "before" the correct timing or the correct timing.
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Offline Francesco Massa

To avoid the bass first note mute sound I usually press the fill button a bit before the main variation end. But yes, Yamaha could "correct" this retriggering 1st note when pressing fill button a bit after measure start.

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