Author Topic: Is it worth upgrading from an s750 to an sx700 ?? Is there a difference in sound  (Read 830 times)

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Hi, I'm a s750 user, according to your opinion, is it worth upgrading to an sx700? improves the sound besides the screen and harware ?? Thanks a lot

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The sx700 probably sounds better, has more expansion memory to load more than 1 expansion pack at a time, and a joy-stick instead of 2 wheels.  It's really what you are wanting in a keyboard. If there is a store you can go to and play the sx700 that would be your best bet.

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Joe is right,if you can try one.  I have an S970 and SX900 and am happy I made the purchase.  The PSR is a fine keyboard that I have used for performances for several years.  The SX900 sounds more alive with Genos effects,and the speakers are improved.  That,coupled with some great new styles and  good touch screen made it a no brainer for me.  The SX,however, has the new operating system that is an improvement,in most cases,which means a small learning curve.  For the most part,however,you will find it very much like the controls of the PSR.  You can load all of your PSR 770 registrations if you choose,also.


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I think you would see a definite improvement over S750, but you have to try for yourself.

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Some advantages:

* Greater memory for packs / samples;
* Genos operating system, with several improvements in all internal functions
* Improved keys;
* Improved styles and voices;
* Assignable buttons (where you can assign specific functions according to the user)
* Insertion Efecct function to insert effects in up to 5 parts, of the right hand and song;
* Joystick and Live Control Buttons with new look and new functions.
* Internal loudspeaker sound and improved external sound.

These are some advantages!
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Are you a beginner or have you been playing an arranger keyboard for many years.

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