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controlling psr s975 with a foot controller
« on: February 24, 2020, 01:40:57 PM »
hello to everybody
iím an enthusiastic owner of a beautiful psr s975
i would ask if it is possible to control it with a midifoot controller such as behringer fb 1010;
eventually i would like to know how because the manual is very complicated for me when it comes to talk about midi
messages and stuff like that
thanks in advance
Viva la musica and the arrangers
see you soon!

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Re: controlling psr s975 with a foot controller
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2020, 02:01:41 AM »
With a Behringer FCB1010 and a PSR S975 (or any other PSR S series of keyboards), you can select Voices and utilize the Expression and Volume control pedals. You can even play notes on the keyboard from the foot switches.
The reason for this is that the FCB1010 can send midi Note on/off, PC and CC commands which are needed for playing notes, selecting voices or using the Expression and volume pedals.

Unfortunately, you cannot select styles, start/stop acmp, select Intros, Mains, Endings, Fills etc. since the FCB1010 cannot send the midi Sysex commands needed for these functions.

However, with the help of some "midi translation" software on a computer (e.g, FCB1010 -> midi translation software -> keyboard), you could workaround this FCB1010 limitation by crafting the correct midi Sysex messages based on the data received from the FCB1010. This solution requires a good understanding of Midi.

Another solution is using the Yamaha MFC10 foot controller. This device, in addition to sending midi Notes, PC or CC commands, has the correct midi Sysex commands builtin for selecting Intros, Mains, Endings and Fills. However, these builtin Sysex commands are a very small subset of what is possible for extensive control of the keyboard from a Midi controller.

The best solution is using a Tyros or Genos keyboard since these keyboards have a special Midi option (for external controller) which opens up the possibility for any kind of Midi controiller (not only foot controllers) to control a wide variety of functions in the keyboards. It's also a very expensive solution :-)

Back to the original question asked ...
The FCB1010 and the PSR S975 is limited to playing notes, selecting Voices and utilizing the Expression and Volume pedals.
Adding a "midi translation" software to the mix increases the possibilities but requires a good understanding of Midi.

Actually, programming the FCB1010 itself also requires an understanding of Midi and programming the FCB1010 without the use of FCB1010 programming software is not for the faint of heart :-)

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Re: controlling psr s975 with a foot controller
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2020, 09:10:01 AM »
thanks a lot Dalesp for you precious informations
see you soon