Author Topic: Replacing the Hard drive of a Tyros 1 with a Compact Flash (CF) card  (Read 17826 times)

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I replaced the hard drive of my PSR-9000 with a 8GB CompactFlash card with a speed of 80x, which is connected to the PSR by an adapter from CF to an IDE hard drive. My main idea wasn't to gain speed, but to get ride of a mechanical hard drive, which can be damaged easily.

I even attached an IDE ribbon Cable (approx 45 cm) and fixed the card outside from the keyboard. This makes for me easier to copy my files from the CF card to my computer. Off course, I don't disconnect the CF card while the keyboard is on. I have to turn off the keyboard first.

Has anybody tried this on a Tyros 1? If so, I would like to know which card you use. I'm planning to use a 64 GB card with a speed of 100x. I read that higher speeds may cause problems.

For the interested, here is what I used for my PSR:
* Adapter looks similar to this one (it is not the same I bought, I lost the page):

* CF Card (I found some info telling that it should be a slow card arround the 80x):

but for the tyros, I will try this one (64 GB):

Yes, it looks cheap, but unfortunately, there are not much cards today with such lower speed. I will try it. Anyway, I can always do backups to my PC in case that the card gets damaged.

That would be enough; however, if you plan to leave the adapter outside from the keyboard, then this is what you need:
* IDE Gender changer:

* A Female to Female IDE 44 PIN cable (at most 45 cm long, longer won't work), but with the cables twisted at one end. I contacted this company:

and let them make me a custom cable.

By the way, you may wonder why I didn't use a male to female cable. Yes, I tried this first and it worked; however the male connection will disconnect easily from the keyboard. The problem is that the diameter of the male pins on the cable is slightly thinner than the female connection on the keyboard.

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