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Playlist(s) of traditional hymns & gospel songs?
« on: February 10, 2020, 10:48:32 AM »
For parts of several years before I got my Genos last December, I had been building a list of traditional evangelical hymns and southern/country gospel songs that I have created MIDI songs and/or backing tracks.   I'm slowing rebuilding the list to be Genos dominant (i.e. use Genos style before style from earlier models).

It's not quite ready for "publication" yet, but if you're interested, I would welcome your expression of interest.  Generally my end-purpose is to create backing tracks that I use when singing in small churches or nursing/assisted living facilities.    Nearly all will have at least a lead sheet that is NOT on the Genos (rather on paper or MobileSheets/PDF).

If interest here is limited to one or two, the courteous thing to do is use PMsgs or private email which are both active in my profile.


PS...Examples of some of my "products" are on
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