Author Topic: Can you import a MIDI setup file (extension '.msu' ) into Genos?  (Read 2618 times)

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I downloaded a MIDI SET UP file  here from PSR (with extension - ".msu".    But I can find no way to load it into Genos.  Genos does not even see the file when usb stick inserted into a genos port. 

It appears the Genos presets are LOCKED you cannot save (which makes sense). In the user section you can create a MIDI set-up prog, rename or save.  But not import one.

I called Yamaha support.  The tech person I spoke to, did not know the answer, but would have a 'Genos Specialist' call me back. Never did.  Also a few months ago, I had a complex Genos question..  I was told a Genos specialist would call or email - did neither. 


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Re: Can you import a MIDI setup file (extension '.msu' ) into Genos?
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it is a band in a box file
load it in band in a box and save it as a midi file

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Re: Can you import a MIDI setup file (extension '.msu' ) into Genos?
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Hi Mark,

I don't know anything about B.I.A.B, but Yamaha MIDI Setup files also have the extension '.msu' and I suspect that your file is one of these!

Although you can edit and save MIDI templates on your Genos, as you have discovered, they can only be saved to the User drive.

However you can then use the 'Factory Setup/Restore' function of the 'Utility' display to save (and load) all of the user MIDI templates together as a single file.  This produces the MIDI Setup file with the '.msu' extension.  It can be saved to, and loaded from, either the User drive or USB.

However you need to be a bit careful!

Bear in mind that when you load one of these '.msu' files, you will be overwriting  all of the user templates currently in the instrument (there is a warning!), so if for example, you have saved any additional user ones since you saved the setup file that you are about to load, you will effectively delete them! It is probably prudent to always save the current user MIDI templates in a Setup '.msu' before loading a different one!

There is a note about how user MIDI templates are saved like this on page 143 of the downloadable 'Genos Reference Manual' which  says:

"Your original MIDI templates can be saved as a single file to a USB flash drive. On the display called up via
[MENU] > [Utility] > [Factory Reset/Backup] > page 2/2, touch [Save] of “MIDI” to carry out the Save operation"

Saving and Loading MIDI Setup files is explained in the section 'Setup Files—Saving and Loading' on page 159 of the same manual.


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Re: Can you import a MIDI setup file (extension '.msu' ) into Genos?
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THANK YOU Tyrosaurus:

Yes, it is Midi set-up file.. Your post is the info I need.   I've only made a few MIDI set-ups of my own (for overdubbing Genos style parts into Logic Pro).. I will try your solution..  It's no big deal if I mess it up, and I will have learned another aspect of GENOS>    Thank you very much

So this is an either/or set-up.  I would save the 5 midi set-ups I've already made.  Save that as a single file.  Then load in the '.msu' file someone sent me.  But I will delete my previous 'midi set-up.s  Am I correct in assuming I can't load in the single new '.msu' AND keep my originals.  There is no way to merge them. I would have to manually add the new msg file, to my previous midi set-ups.   

I guess it's not that much extra work to load in the new .msu file, memorize it's settings, or take pics of the screen.  then load in my original midi set-ups and add my newest .msu along with those..   Not too elegant. 

But thanks, now I know what to do, and it's not big a deal..
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Re: Can you import a MIDI setup file (extension '.msu' ) into Genos?
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I don't know of a way to add/merge/import a single MIDI template to an existing .msu MIDI Setup file, or the 10 user template memories in the keyboard.    Maybe I have missed something obvious, and someone else might know how to do this!

However these files are obviously intended as a means of backing up the user templates, so I suppose that Yamaha can't be expected to provide a management functionality for them!  They can't be bothered to do this for individual registration memories in registration banks either!

Obviously if you have less than 10 user templates saved in the keyboard, as you said, you could add extra ones by editing an existing user or preset template and entering the various parameters manually.  Then if you saved the user templates as a Setup file, it would also contain the extra ones.

I suppose that most users would not need more than 10 user MIDI templates so they wouldn't need to be constantly swapping Setup files, although they do load very quickly, so it could be done if necessary.  You can name the Setup files individually and uniquely, so there should be no real limit to how many of them you can have.



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Re: Can you import a MIDI setup file (extension '.msu' ) into Genos?
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Yeah, it's weird they make something as wonderful and complex as Genos/Tyros/and their other products, and then this award/backwards way to deal with midi setup.  even loading in new sound packs.  It might have to do with the way the code was originally written.  I used to work for a music software company years ago.  And they had a few 'not elegant' pieces of coding, so they had to keep coding around it, otherwise it meant more or less starting from scratch. 

Band-in-a-box is like that.  It's code is kinda sprawled all over the place.

I just took notes of the settings of the one midi set-up I wanted, loaded the original set-up and created the newest one. Thanx again