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Third or fourth pedal hack
« on: December 15, 2019, 02:36:31 AM »
I think that the most indispensable pedal assignment after sustain is FILL-TO-SELF. If you're using both hands, and you want that drum fill, what do you do? You tap a pedal with your free foot. That's what you do.

What if you sing, and you want to add or remove vocal harmony while your hands are busy. Well it's a lot easier now with those Assignable buttons. Before assignable buttons, it was really hard to turn on and off the vocal harmonizer - you had to press two buttons and then exit from the menu to turn it on and then press two buttons and then exit from the menu to turn it off. As I use vocal harmony pretty frequently, and I already felt like I needed sustain and Fill-to-self, I wanted a third pedal.

It's a little expensive (and maybe there are cheaper options now), but MIDI Solutions makes a single, dual, or eight footswitch controller that you can use to add extra footswitches via MIDI. I programmed the pedal to send a sustain message to the keyboard when I press a footswitch, and then I have the other two pedals for Fill-to-Self and Vocal Harmony On/Off. Just make sure that you set your keyboard to receive messages from MIDI Channel 1 as KEYBOARD and you're set. Of course, you can send other MIDI messages if desired.

I think I've had my footswitch controller for 15 years, and it broke twice - the last time was eight years after I bought it, and MIDI Solutions fixed it and shipped it back for free!


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Re: Third or fourth pedal hack
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2019, 03:22:11 AM »
Yes, I used to do some pedal stuff with my Roland PK-5 pedalboard, and there is a few others that could be used for that too. As long as in the Data list....the function you want is detailed to be a MIDI msg to activate you can do it.