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Re: YEM 2.60 Error? "Total amount of user Waveform exceeds the limit"
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First of all, thank you for files for test.
I saw now that you are using a lot of rex files which are Drums.
I don't know WHY they do that , but in Drums, each key has a waveform attached. In other types of voices, an element is a waveform.
So think about that for a normal voice you can use maximum of 8 waveforms, but for drums you use A LOT. That's why you reached so quickly the limit!

Unfortunately, I cannot do anything in this case.
Even if I remove those empty waveforms in drums (un-assigned keys) the number of waveforms is big.

I see only one solution here: Drums to be created exactly like normal voices (not by you, but Yamaha to create in the same way the file), which I think will never be done :)
Edited: Or two: the number of waveforms to be increased to a bigger one, thru a software/firmware update.

PS: If you find a solution to reduce the number of Drums files in your imported files, you can use your content, otherwise it will be a problem for you!
As a suggestion: If you use the same key/note/sound in your all drums, don't import them in all, use the sound in only one drum and open DrumSetup to get the needed sound from the drum which has needed sound! In this way, you will free up some of the waveforms. For example, cowbell sound, you can find it in a lot of drums in keyboard, or other percussion sounds, too ;)

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Hi about Drum Setup. It is useless in this situation, because unfortunately the Drum Kits that are in the Expansion Manager. You can use only 70 of them, the rest just can't be seen. I wrote about this to Yamaha but never received any answer. And by the way, these 70 Drum Kits do not show in turn, for example, Packet1 Packet2 Packet3. Or maybe they will show at first Drum Kits From the 10th package and then, for example, from the third, ignore the remaining first second since it exceeds 70 Drum Kits

2.I understand the same structure they have on Yamaha Motif & Montage. Each WaveForm Bank This is one Multisampler If it is a regular Voice You can upload Up to 118 wave Files And it will be considered as 1 Waveform. And if you collect DrumKit, then each WaveFile takes 1 Waveform Bank. For example, if you have 67 Different Wave Files in one Drum Kits, then it will take 67 Waveforms.
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Re: YEM 2.60 Error? "Total amount of user Waveform exceeds the limit"
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That's what I said, too  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Ok. About Drum Kits in Drum setup, seems it is also taking care of number of waveforms because I could upload only 64 drum kits to be able to see all of them in Drum Setup.

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