Author Topic: Will there be an V2.0 for the SX ?  (Read 750 times)

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Will there be an V2.0 for the SX ?
« on: November 16, 2019, 08:14:18 PM »
Early enough is never too late. ;) No, not needed to my opinion. Yes, version 1.XX will come out someday.

If you look at the version history of the Genos V2 update, most Genos adjustments are already in the SX, simply because it has a somewhat newer operating system.
Are there any subjects that you notice when you read the Version history of Genos 1.41 to 2.00 (see herebelow)? I don't see much what the SX is missing in the list.
The most important thing that I have noticed is: you can sort the Playlist!
I hope that in a next update for the SX this also is possible.
During last weeks I had a few (4/5) hickups, which could only solved by a restart of the keyboard. But I was 'deep' in the menu and can not reproduce what causes the problems.

++++++++++VERSION V.141 TO V2.00 GENOS++++++++++++++++++
V1.41 to V2.00]

-You can now sort the Playlist.!!!
-Changes: The maximum number of letters in the name of User Effects and the name of MIDI Settings has been expanded.??????
-A new Chord Looper function is available.
-You can now use the Style Section Reset function by pressing the [TAP TEMPO] button.
-You can now call up the Chord Looper and Assignable displays by the Direct Access function.
-Changes: The maximum size of Expansion Voice has been increased to approx. 3 GB.
-Improved the layout and operations on the Style Creator display.??????
-You can now select whether the Song is changed or not when you press the [PREV] button on the Song Setting display.
-You can now configure the Crossfade in the Mono Type in the Voice Edit display.
-You can now configure the Portamento Time Type on the Voice Edit display.
-You can now select the next Song in the middle of Song playback.
-You can now configure the "Part On/Off" of AUX In Audio and the "Part On/Off" of Wireless LAN Audio in the Mixer display.
-Improved the Scale Tune function.
You can now access the Scale Tune function from the Menu display.
You can now set a temporary scale by the Sub Scale function.
-New System Exclusive messages corresponding to the Scale Tune function have been added.
-You can now call up the Insertion Effect Setting display in the Mic Setting display.
-You can now assign new parameters to the controllers in the Live Control and Assignable displays.
-You can now configure the outputs of the Audio Song and the Voice Guide Sound/Wireless LAN Audio in the Line Out display.
-You can now store the Assign Type of Live Control to Registration Memory.
-Now supports use with the Yamaha Expansion Manager (V2.6.0 or later).
-Changes: The range of the Time Signature setting has been expanded.
-Changes: You can have the MIDI Song that is selected on the Dual Player opened automatically when you call up the MIDI Multi Recording function.
-Changes: You can register the Voice and Style of User drive to the Favorite tab.
-Changes: Improved the method of selecting Parts on the Mixer display.
-Changes: The Tuning display has been separated into the Master tune display and the Scale Tune display.
-Changes: You can now configure whether to apply the Scale Tune to each part individually for Right 1, Right 2 and Right 3, in the Scale Tune display.
-Changes: The menu display layout has been reorganized due to the addition of new functions.
-Changes: The maximum number of User Effects which can be saved has been expanded.
-You can now configure the parameters of Multi Pad 1-4 Part (using as the Audio Link Multi pad) in the Mixer display.
-Changes: The Voice Guide function supports display changes of this version. Please download the latest Voice Guide file from the product site to ensure that the additional sounds work properly.
-Changes: Improved the response of the Tap Tempo controls.
-Fixed a problem in which the Audio Song parameters were not properly saved to Registration Memory in certain situations.
-Fixed a problem in which certain Music Finder Record files of Tyros series could not be imported.
-Fixed other problems.
+++++++++++++++++++END OF LIST+++++++++++++++++++
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