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Using the FCB1010 with the PSR-9000
« on: November 10, 2019, 10:41:30 PM »

I have been trying to make the FCB1010 to select the Main A variation for hours, but I haven't succeded. This are something I have tried so far:

  • First, I connected the FCB1010 MIDI IN and OUT to the Midi B port of the PSR-9000
  • Then I pushed the MIDI button and choose: the "All Parts" template. I have tried others too, ie: MIDI Pedal1 and MIDI Pedal2
  • There is a section there called: "MFC10", so, I click on it, but it just doesn't seem to work with the FCB1010; it tells always to press the "FUNCTION" button, but this foot controller doesn't have have. No matter on which mode I have the FCB1010, I can't advanced more.
  • It seems that the PSR expects the footcontroller to be on channel 15 or 16, so, I tried both
  • I tried programming several note on the FCB1010, but no success. I have found several threads talking about this and it seems that note events is what you have to send

I would like to know if somebody has had success in programming it. For example: which messages do you have to send to start the rythm and how do you have to setup the PSR?

I have found a video, but it is for the Tyros. It is somehow different there. This keyboard doesn't tries to connect first with the footcontroler, so, you can easilly use the MFC10 section.

I event found a table with some messages here:,fcb1010-et-psr-3000,p.2.html

Button | Function | Midi: Status | Data1 | Data2 | Chan | Note | Event | On / off
6 | Main A | 9F | 13 | 40 | 16 | G | 0 | Note On
| 8F | 13 | 40 | 16 | G | 0 | Note off

The previous sequence should activate the Main A. I tried setting the note messages to channel 15 and 16 (I tried both), then sending the note G (31), but it doesn't work.

According to this guide:

According to the previous document, note: 14 (which according to the FCB1010 manual should be: D-1), should be the trigger of Main A.

So, as you see, different documents telling different things :-(

Thanks in advanced

Best regards
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Re: Using the FCB1010 with the PSR-9000
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2021, 02:11:23 PM »
Moi, j'ai la solution pour faire correspondre le FCB 1010 avec votre psr sans problème.