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Genos & SX900 - Song suggestions for a Style (Repertoire)
« on: October 27, 2019, 08:19:55 AM »
SX900 - Song suggestions for a Style (Repertoire)
Finding Suitable Songs for the Current Style (Repertoire)
You can search for music pieces and songs that are most suitable for playing with the current Style by using the Music Finder Records.

Iím almost lost without this feature,
Is this feature on the SX somewhere or has it been abandoned.

The playlist is just not helpful, before we had a lot of "Song, style, beat, tempo" information, now we have very little.
Iíve just loaded a style Ď70sPopDuo2", really nice intros, I could develop this style further but I need more information at this stage, before, if you pressed the Ďrepertoireí button then it would throw up 6 or 7 song suggestions, from there it was easy, or sometimes I can hear a song in the intro but I just canít  remember the name of the song and had to pass on that style,
Iím sure whoever did program the style had a few song ideas for his style.

The user manual says "By importing Music Finder Records used on previous Yamaha keyboards (such as the PSR-S975/S775), you can use the Records on the Playlist of the PSR-SX900/SX700, just like using the Music Finder function on those other instruments", but, not the same.

Is there an up-to-date Sx900 Playlist text file somewhere for PC or iPad where I can search for style to song suggestions and maybe "Song, style, beat, tempo"info? I really miss this feature,

I like the SX but the playlist and repertoire on the S950 and older PSRís were so much better. The SX needs the MusicFinder alongside the PlayList, Playlist on itís own is not enough.

Maybe Iíve missed something here and someone can point me to the "Style Repertoire" file/page or how to quickly get suggested song information for a particular style.


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Re: SX900 - Song suggestions for a Style (Repertoire)
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2019, 04:02:37 PM »
I absolutely agree with you Pino. At the moment neither can I see that the Playlist is an improvement over the Music Finder System. But like you maybe I am missing something here as well. It will be interesting to hear from other Members ast to what their views or solutions could be.



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Re: Genos & SX900 - Song suggestions for a Style (Repertoire)
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Iíve changed the Ďheadingí
I donít know nothing about the Genos but maybe same problem there.
Just wondering how players get around this?
That "MusicFinder" was good.
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Re: Genos & SX900 - Song suggestions for a Style (Repertoire)
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Hi Richard,
  The Play list is far better than MF and is what people have been asking for for ages.
They wanted MF to store things like registrations effect and pedals etc. Now you can and also create your own lists in the order you want to play your songs. Much better way to do things.


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Re: Genos & SX900 - Song suggestions for a Style (Repertoire)
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Eileen, no-one is saying that the new Playlist is not welcomed
What was said was that the MF should be included also
It was so handy for picking out songs to go with the styles

An arranger keyboard full of styles and no information on the styles
Iím sure that who programmed the Styles had a few song ideas in his head.
Now we donít know what the songs are.

Playlist and a MusicFinder, good for everyone
after all this is a powerful computer.
With a good search engine.