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Replace PSR-S910?
« on: October 24, 2019, 07:52:38 PM »
I've had great success with a PSR-S910, but only use it to create "accompaniment tracks" for traditional Christian music (hymns, southern/country gospel).

About a week ago it refused to power-on.  Checked the wall-to-keyboard cable and 16v is fine.  So I took it to a local "mom/pop shop" and he's supposed to give me a number to fix whatever is wrong.

Wife sez:  What about a new one?
I say "OK, but seems like a lot of $$$ and not much upgrade for the way I use the keyboard."

I usually create the basic track by playing/recording MIDI, then edit the MIDI on the computer, add harmony/counterpoint/whatever and create WAVs for my friends and their churches.

If I were to buy a new one, what would the assembled "gurus" here suggest.   $2K absolute max, but less could be OK too!

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