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« on: October 13, 2019, 10:04:18 AM »
Is there any form of Arpeggiator on a Tyros 5? I have not been able to find any information on this apart from within the Genos which i dont have.
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Re: Arpeggiator
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No you won't find it on Tyros. Genos is the fist arranger to have it.

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Re: Arpeggiator
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The PSR-E3XX and PSR-E4XX lines have had an arpeggio function for well over a decade and is the technology on which the PSR-S670, S770/775, S970/975, and Genos arp functions are based.  As a matter of fact, they appear to be pretty much identical, except that the newer models offer a few more arp patterns.

Similarly, the filter ("Live Control") knob functions of these recent MOTL/TOTL models are based on technology pioneered in the Motif MM6/MM8 "affordable" synth models (circa 2007) as well as the PSR-E4XX line.

I can not help but wonder if Yamaha used the low end models as a test market for these two features, or originally intended them solely for the low end market, but have been forced to port them over to the higher end models by popular user demand - kind of like the "kids", who bought those low end  models with those "unique" features, have now grown up, and want those same "creative" (?) features in their high end models ! ! !


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Re: Arpeggiator
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The best way to simulate arps, is to use multi pads with arp patterns. No real arp, but sometimes it does the job.
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Re: Arpeggiator
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The Arpeggiator on Genos works with notes played on the right hand and you can select which instrument you want the arpeggiator to work best with as well as lots of different types. It is not really what a multi pad would give you.

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Re: Arpeggiator
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All is not lost on T5 etc.

Just as you can connect up to a PC and use a VST to create sounds, you can connect up a PC an use a VST to create MIDI events. For example with local control off on R1, route the MIDI events from R1 to the VST which applies an arpeggio pattern then routes the MIDI events back into the keyboard tone generator.

One example is BLUArp which is free.