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The Booth #3 and #4
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The Booth #4| Yamaha PSR SX700 | Back To The 80s
We touch on using vocal backing tracks (with moderate success) where we get Freddie Mercury singing along with the keyboard player. A little experimenting has subsequently got the backing track quantised and working in perfect sync with the keyboard. So look our for part 2 of Back To The 80s coming soon!

The Booth #3 | Yamaha PSR SX900 | A songwriter's first impressions.
We were glad to have acclaimed singer-songwriter @kiamamusic (Sam Martin), in The Booth for the first time in episode #3. He shares his initial impressions and does some experimenting with the new Yamaha PSR-SX900 'Mini Genos'. He took us through a selection of voices and sounds and mixed them up a little to see how flexible this little songwriting machine is.
The Booth is unscripted and unplanned.
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