Author Topic: SYSEX link between score and registration file seems compatible with Genos  (Read 5328 times)

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Offline reya

SYSEX based easy linking of a score on a tablet with a corresponding registration file on the keyboard seems to be compatible between Genos and PSR SX700.

I currently have a Genos and I also use MobilesheetsPro.
Using MobilesheetsPro it is possible to link a score on the tablet to a corresponding registration file on Genos, just by clicking a button in MobilesheetsPro.
And I use this feature for all my scores on the tablet. So all of them are linked in this way.

Today I did the following test:

I took the tablet, I normally use with Genos, with all my scores
I copied some of my registration files from the internal memory of my Genos to a USB
Went to my dealer
Copied the Genos registration files from my USB to the internal memory of a PSR-SX700 on display there
Connected my tablet to the SX700
Opened a score on the tablet, and guess what ...
The corresponding registration file was immediately loaded on the SX700!
No need to relink or to take whatever action. GREAT!

I for one am very happy with this .

Best Regards,
Genos, PSR SX900, Roland PK6, Ketron SD1000
HP Slate 21, Mobilesheets Pro