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... Or whatever the heck it may be called!

I would expect this model to come out sometime next year, so maybe Yamaha could use a nudge while they're designing it!

So, Yamaha, can we please get...

1. Portamento, at least on some of the synth sounds (Casio now offers this for $180).

2. Upgrade the sequencer a little bit.  I realize too much of an upgrade would compete with the S670, so it's fine to keep it at six tracks.  Just PLEASE add the ability to do some basic editing on a track so the entire track does not have to be rerecorded if you make a mistake.  Simply adding the ability to select a measure of a particular track and start new recording from that measure without erasing the previous measures would be fine.  The ability to adjust the volume of each track would be nice, as well.

3. Improve the key feel.  Come on, Yamaha, you nailed it with the E433, so you have the capability to put a superior keyboard in a lower cost instrument.  Let's see you do it again.

4. More registrations?  Again, not so much as to compete with the S670, but either two more buttons per bank, or at least two more banks (we have Banks 1-8, so add Bank 9 and Bank 0) would be nice.

5. The E463 (or maybe this was also in the E453) introduced the ability to add reverb and chorus to the rhythm/style section, as well as filtering.  But as soon as you change the rhythm/style or turn the keyboard off, those settings are cleared.  Consider having the keyboard remember those settings, even if the style is changed or if the keyboard is turned off and back on, so that you can change the rhythm for different songs and still have your custom rhythm/style reverb, chorus, and filtering without having to reset those parameters with each change of the rhythm/style.  Or maybe a memory button to store your favorite rhythm/style custom parameters.  Yes, this can all be saved to a registration, but then that also saves the tempo and keyboard sounds.  Being able to save these custom rhythm/style parameters while using the registrations primarily for saving keyboard sounds would be beneficial.

6. Speaking of the styles, instead of having one button that toggles between sections A and B, how about having a separate button for each section, with an LED indicating which section is playing?  This way, if you just want a drum fill without changing the A/B section, you just hit the button for the section that is currently playing.  But if you want to change the A/B section, you just hit the button for the section that is not playing.  Alternately, keep the current A/B toggle button, but add a dedicated drum fill button that does not change which A/B section is playing.  Again, no need to add a C and D section and compete with the S670.  Just give us a little more control -- especially since this layout hasn't been changed in, what, at least a decade?

7. Improve the display screen.  No, there's no need to make a complex high-resolution color screen.  But adding one or two more lines of text would allow for conveniences such as seeing the name of the parameter you're changing, as well as its value, all at once, or the ability to see the names of the sounds for the current main, dual, and split voices all at once.

8. Add a setting that allows the sustain pedal to affect both sides of a split keyboard.

9. Having the ability to have a dual voice on the left side of a split keyboard would be nice, but I won't hold my breath, as even a PSR-S975 doesn't do that.  Yet, the old PSR-500 and PSR-510 models from the 1990's did have this feature.

10. Provide a setting that allows you to change the main voice without also changing the dual voice.  With the current model, changing the main voice automatically clears your previous dual voice settings and fills them with settings that Yamaha deems as most appropriate to complement the main voice.  But if you're trying to get a particular sound and going back and forth changing parameters between the main and dual voices, it would be nice to keep the dual voice settings intact if you change the main voice.

These are my suggestions, so far!  Feel free to add others!

With CASIO CTX5000 seriously biting into Yamaha PSR-S670 class I hope Yamaha will respond soon with all guns available....preferably as soon as possible or while we can still resist CASIO offer. Do you hear Yamaha? Help! Help now! :)

Hi guys, great topic  8)

Here is my wishlist:

-Portamento button.
-Dedicated Main A and Main B buttons (I have this on the CT-X800!!!)
-Please give us back the keybed of the PSR E433... please...
-Freeze button (@Bob: this will take care of point 5 in your list).
-A few more Sweet! and Cool! sounds. Man, the PSR E line is dying for a palatable acoustic and electric guitar, a decent clarinet (of the same quality as the Sweet! Tenor Sax) and a usable Solo Violin, as well as a Cello.
-Please, move the headphone jack socket and the USB to Device port to the front of the keyboard! Today’s layout is cumbersome to say the least.
-And: the possibility to read styles directly from the USB stick would simply be great. It is already possible to red MIDI files from a stick, so why not styles? I am sure it is really easy to implement in th OS, my DGX650 can do it.



Yeah, a freeze feature would be good for memorizing the detail parameters of a rhythm or style as you change from one style to another.  I would just also ask that these parameters also be memorized when the keyboard is turned off, just as settings like the equalizer are memorized, so that you don't have to set up these parameters every time you turn on the keyboard.  With the fine-tuning that can be done with reverb, chorusing, and filtering on the styles, it would be a hassle to have to keep dialing in all those parameters each time you turn on the keyboard.

And yes, I know these settings can be saved to a registration, but then the registration also saves the keyboard's sounds and the style's tempo, making that particular registration more or less dedicated to a limited number of songs.  And with only 32 registrations, you can't have too many song-specific registrations on board at once (though you can load more as you need them through a USB flash drive).

Then again, I guess with a freeze function, you could have a registration with a style and your favorite style reverb, chorus, and filter settings.  You could call up that registration, hit the freeze button, and then change styles and registrations while still keeping those reverb, chorus, and filter settings.

I suppose with the current keyboard, you can come close to that by having some registrations dedicated to that purpose -- saved with styles that have your favorite style reverb, chorus, and filter settings.  Then the rest of your registrations would be saved without a style, so you could first choose the registration that selects your style and parameters, and then use the other registrations to change the sound without changing the style or its parameters.  This is fine if you use maybe 3 or 4 styles frequently, and therefore would dedicate 3 or 4 registrations to this purpose.  But much more than that really eats into the limited number of registrations available.

zaid alyassi:
any news about Yamaha psr-e473


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