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Genos 1.4 and Yamaha Registration Manager
« on: July 24, 2019, 12:18:45 AM »
Hi YRM Users:

Despite a major change to the Assignable Buttons (AB) section of the registration, the structure of banks created by Genos 1.4 are unchanged, and 1.4 registrations will load successfully under 1.3 even with the changes to AB.

The change to AB has caused a problem for YRM, and you should keep the following instructions for future reference:

Registrations saved using Genos 1.4 that include Assignable Buttons will cause error messages in certain parts of the YRM program. This is because Yamaha has added a large number of characters (1,024) to that section of the registration for each button and YRM can not handle that many characters in one section. There appears to be no actual use for this extra data by the keyboard.

Registrations saved without Assignable Buttons will process normally in YRM.

To check for this error condition and to modify the registration if the error exists do the following:

Open a registration bank, and click "Summary View".
If it works and presents the summary, there is no extra Assignable Button data in the registration.
If an Operation Error occurs, click "continue" and the "Summary" will be blank.

To do anything further with that registration will require removing the Assignable Buttons from all registration buttons using the "Duplicator".

After the removal, Summary View and all other parts of YRM will work.

Assignable Buttons can be restored to the registration using the editor and the buttons will be created without the extra data.  However, assignment of functions to the buttons remain in effect on the keyboard until changed by accessing them directly or by a registration that contains a different setting.  If you are not changing the assignment of functions to the buttons, there is no need to save Assignable Buttons in every registration.



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Re: Genos 1.4 and Yamaha Registration Manager
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2019, 12:01:39 PM »
Hi Murray:
Thank you very much for your unrestless work you did in the past and you do at present to keep the YRM Software uptodate and to inform the user community about special situations caused by updates of Keyboards or other changings.
As a "little point of contact" for the YRM abroad in Germany it helps many people to explain the background of possible problems and the way to resolve these problems. From my point of view, I am a power user and believe me, I saved and do save a lot of time doing all the work on registrations on PC without the need to sit in front of the keyboard if there are to many things to do with the registrations concerned.
Outstanding !!!
Best Regards, Klaus