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multi track recording
« on: July 09, 2019, 12:22:45 AM »
what I am trying to do is make a multi track recording on my psr-s950.  I want to start by recording the drums from one of the styles.  today it worked for me, recorded a bass line while the drums were playing from one of the styles.  don't know what I did but cannot get it to do it again.  also I would like the recording to keep looping.  also would like to know how to delete a track that I made a mistake on.  also when recording a track, there is unwanted bars after playing before I can hit the stop recording button.  how can I get rid of this so the recording will loop without any dropouts or delay.  hopefully someone can walk me through an easy step by step procedure to accomplish this.  thank you in advance.  anxious......Larry